Friday, August 30, 2013

3rd Second Chance - Chapter 1.4

I had my lung consultation this week with the Pulmonary MD. 

He reviewed my CT Scan and PFT (Pulmonary Function Tests) results.  

The CT Scan, compared to the last one I had in 2010, was mostly unchanged.  No evidence of blood clots, or cancer, or any other evilness lurking in my lungs.  All good!

The PFTs indicate that I do have moderate/severe Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.   He isn't quite sure why, or what specifically caused it.  My test for asthma was negative.  I was a smoker, for about 7 years, quitting in 1983.  He said that wouldn't be the cause.   He gave me an inhaler to try.  Although he indicated if it doesn't help within 2 weeks, then it won't be beneficial.  So far, it has made me cough more.  I am not seeing any improvement. 

Otherwise, he said that my lungs looked clear and were well enough to proceed with heart transplant evaluation.  He will send his written report to my Transplant Doc.  More good news!

This week I also had an appointment with my regular Cardiologist.  He told me that he received a lengthy report from my Transplant Doc, and that he agrees I am doing the right thing at this time of my heart disease.  Hhhmmmmmmmm.....  ✔ one for me!

My blood pressure has been running low... too low.  Recently, I've been having more "moments" of extreme light headedness, resulting in one black out incident.  A "moment" tends to occur whenever I've been sitting for 20-30 minutes and I stand up.   For example, when I get up from the sofa, I need to walk about 7 feet to the kitchen counter.  If I get up too fast, by the time I reach that counter, I'm hanging on for dear life.... And if I can't make it to the stool, just 2 more feet away, I will feel my knees begin to wobble.  I will either make it to that stool.... Or.... I will drop to the floor.  Totally unpleasant indeed.    If I get up and pause long enough, I can keep my "moments" more under control.   So, the Doc  reduced one of my meds that will bring my BP up a bit.

Once my Transplant Doc reviews the testing and written reports, he'll indicate what will be the next round of poking and prodding.

I often stop and think about this whole process, and the celebrated steps along the way.  I know its still early on in the process and my heart still functions on its own.  So it's hard to bring on the reality of replacing my heart.  I don't want to make it sound like its "so matter of fact".... It most definitely isn't.  I'm still not even sure how I feel about it yet.  There's way too many emotions that I can't quite sort out just yet.  

Stay tuned.... More to come!  

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