Thursday, August 15, 2013

3rd Second Chance - Chapter 1.3

As scheduled, I had my CT High Resolution Chest scan and PFTs on Monday. I was hoping to have radiologist and physician reports by now to possibly share.  But, not so.  Instead I'll describe the tests as I experienced them.

Both series of tests were non invasive!  No major pokes or prods.

It started with the CT Scan.  Very easy.  Essentially, I laid flat on my back, on a very thin table.  I had to raise my arms up over my head (which is rather difficult for me due to the RIBP).  The technician aligns the table with the 'donut' hole of the CT machine.  When the scanning was ready to begin, the table moved through the 'donut' hole, aligning my neck and chest.  At the same time the table moved back and forth, inside the CT 'donut' hole, I could see spinning of the scanner inside the machine.  This spinning device is what takes the 3D images and pictures of my chest from front to back.   Relatively high radiation is used for this test.  In all, I would say the entire scanning portion took 4 minutes.  No contrast dye to drink, and no contrast dye injected. :)

Next up was the Pulmonary Function Testing.  Also, somewhat easy.  These tests took much longer to complete.  I am guessing, that overall, they took about 45 minutes.  The tech had me sit in a small, glass room.  Sorta like a telephone booth.  Connected to the inside of the booth was a tubular breathing gadget, with a blue mouthpiece.  Most of the tests were performed with the booth door open.  For each test, I had to place a nose clamp over my nostrils to keep all breathing through my mouth into the mouthpiece.  Measurements were taken for exhaling and inhaling strengths.  Most tests were repeated 3 times. One of the tests was to check if i have asthma.  The tech had me do a series of breathing steps through the mouthpiece.  Then gave me too "shots" from an Albuterol inhaler.  Then, I repeated the series of breathing through the mouthpiece.  The tech did share with me that I do not have asthma.  I had all of the breathing tests as I previously indicated I would in the blog post of August 9.  The exception was I did not have the ABG (Arterial Blood Gas) test.  Yay!!

Here are a few pictures to show the booth I was in.  The breathing tubes were swung out and away in these pics.  But, when the testing begins, the breathing gadget is moved inside the booth.   There are also a couple of links to videos I took of the testing booth.

 You can see my cute little nose clips on the chair.

The breathing tubular gadget is swung out of the both on the left.  The blue portion on the end of it is the mouthpiece

PFT Booth 1  Click for video

PFT Booth 2   Click for video

I received a copy of the PFT results.  I did not receive a copy of the Radiologist report for the CT Scan, nor did I receive a copy of the Physician report for the PFT.  I will need to wait for my evaluation appointment with the Pulmonologist on Aug 26 to learn more.

Have I told y'all that I absolutely HATE to wait!

That's all I have for the moment.   More to come after Aug 26th!


  1. All you need is money flying around in the booth to grab!!

  2. I love that you have a very very special little booth -- like a little throne in the middle of the testing room! Glad they didn't poke you too much, and hope the wait is not too long my friend!