I was thrilled and extremely surprised when I found that I was able to still sketch, even though I have lost the use of my right dominate hand.

These have all been sketched over the past year, left handed.

 This is my first - I was working on drawing a friend's dog, however this turned out looking like a combination of two of their dogs.

My second attempt - This is my good friends' oldest baby Lexie - Dachshund.  I call her "Lexie The Licker" as she often will do a drive by licking of your leg, or arm, or foot.  She has been through some tough heart disease problems.... but she is a strong girl!  She's even been in a music video - rock star indeed!

This is Mocha (Top) and Priss (Bottom) - They have both crossed over, and were the sweet girls of the same good friends.

Rooby - Dachshund -  loved the water!  She was always a pool companion with her toy turtle - she would tear its legs off to show it she was boss!  She needed a new one every spring!  Rooby has also sadly crossed over, and is missed terribly by the same good friends.

Buster - Chihuahua - I never got to meet Buster in person.  He crossed over and is greatly missed by a close family member.  

 Joe - The sweetest, most gentle, big lug of a pit bull you could ever meet.  Joe is the baby of a good friend.  And Joe is also my good friend!  He gives me great face kisses!  Love me some Joe!



  1. OH MY DEAR DEE! As my fingers don't always cooperate, I hit the wrong button to post your comment.... but... I was able to copy and past it here. Thank you as always for your kind words... and our dog's name was Chico! ;)

    Dear Cindy,

    Leave it to you to find the beauty in your pain and share your creations with others. No one, no matter how many words you use, will be able to understand your agony. Unfortunately, our skin seperates us so that we really have no experience of each others' pain.

    But your art that you have managed to create through your pain- it is better than what most can do on their best days. It's certainly better than anything that I could create.

    Little Buster, the chihuahua resembles the little doggie you had as a little girl. Your mother seemed to adore that doggie and it, her. I thought it was so funny that a doggie was that little. Sweet dog, but so little!

    So, how're you feeling today, dear? I keep you in my prayers and wish that your pain would subside entirely.

    Liked your observations about yoru Melissa Etheridge concerts. She does seem to give her all and wail away in her music.

    Just last night, on Youtube, I listened to "A Thousand Beautiful Things" by Annie Lennox, then to her cover of Joni Mitchell's "Ladies of the Canyon". Then, I listened to Joni Mitchell's origional version - acustic and pure. Wonderful and beautful - music of the angels. Check it out, if you have time.....

    Stay strong, dear, stay strong and shine your light!

    your pal for life,


  2. Does it feel any different in your brain to draw with your non-dominant hand? How long did it take you to begin to develop this ability?

    Have you noticed differences or improvements in the way that you think when you draw with your non-dominant hand?

    I read that eating with your non-dominant hand creates more mindfulness about the endeavor.

    You have been able to open up to new vistas and ways of being. You have reapproached the fundamental questions and facts that we take for granted about what we're doing and what is really happening when, at our age, most of us are settling in and becoming comfortably numb to the routine and habitual patterns of our lives. You are a pioneer into the new and blue as you find new ways to conitnue in yoru life with dignity and respect and a keen eye on how to bring quality, truth and beauty into your life and share your discoveries with others.

    Your writing has the bald power of the simple truth of your experience.

    You inspire us all, dear!

    Have you tried alternate nostril breathing also?

    Keep in touch and know I love you and admire you across the miles with friendship true.


  3. It actually doesn't feel different drawing left handed to me. Feels the same as right handed in that aspect. Oddly, my printing or writing skills SUCK left handed! Must be similar to how a stutterer is able to sing clearly while not being able to speak with the same clarity.

    Eating left handed has been quite a challenge.... So I guess I am more mindful of the endeavor when using sharp utensils! ;)

    I must say I have not tried alternate nostril breathing..... Although I must admit after reading your question I of course had to give it a try!! Haha! No alternate nostril breathing here, unless I hold one side closed at a time!

    Thank you for your kind words Dee..... As always, you are a great friend.

    Love ya,