Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Garden Tub

There are some things that happen throughout my day that can be quite entertaining, at least to me anyway.

Yesterday, I had one of those events worthy to share.

I have 2 cats, Tigger & Bogie.  13 year old sisters.  Needless to say, they are accustomed to routines.  One of them is to have a little dinner time treat of canned food.  This little treat has some "happy" meds mixed into Bogie's share, as she can be nervous nelly.  I often deliver this treat to them in the garden tub.  We have both their beds in it.  That's what garden tubs are for.  Cat people will understand... right?

I prepared their plates, and headed into the bathroom.  Bogie was already in her bed meowing for me to hurry up. Tigger was racing into the bathroom, meowing to not be forgotten. Tigger jumped up on the tub edge and then down onto her bed, which happens to be located right under the spigot.  Obviously, the word spigot may be leading into the story.

I had Bogie's plate in my left hand, and the other plate balancing on my right fingers.  Those of you who are close to me, know that my right hand shouldn't be balancing anything.  Those who don't know me that well, my right arm/hand is extremely weak and lacks coordination.  Additionally, I don't have sensory feeling.

Placing the plates, for 13 year olds who have had their dominance established at birth, has a bit of a sequence to follow.  Tigger is the Alpha sister, so I placed her's first, and then quickly placed Bogie's on her respective bed.

As I placed Bogie's, I heard the sound of water flowing into the spigot at a rapid rate.  Before I could even establish its source, that water landed on Tigger's back full force.  It was like a delayed reaction.  She belted out a very unhappy cat like noise and bolted out of the tub.  The water is now splashing hard on her plate, food and water flying everywhere.  Bogie being right next to this event, reared up her back, every hair standing on end, tail 3 times bigger than normal, eyes as big as marbles, made a louder unhappy cat screech, leaped over me and out of the bathroom.  Now, this all happened within a couple seconds.  It took me a few more seconds to figure out which faucet was on.  They aren't the type you have to spin, instead they push/pull to turn off/on.  I obviously don't use the garden tub, since it is commandeered by the queens, so I wasn't sure which way was off.  I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right the first time.  Not so much.  So before I could get it to stop, I got it to flow faster.  SIGH........

After I got my own wits about me, and dried off my face and arms, I laughed and went back into the kitchen with the one empty plate and the other untouched plate.  Bogie was hiding, and Tigger was in the corner of the doorway, frantically licking the water off her body.  She stopped long enough to look up at me with squinted eyes and ears pushed out to the side.  The biotch look.

In hindsight I can piece together what caused the water to turn on in the first place.  My right hand and forearm is usually oblivious to its own actions.  I must have pushed the faucet when I was placing Tigger's plate.  There is a slight hesitation as the water begins to flow, because the spigot is a big wide trough that fills and then spills over in a wide flowing motion. So Tigger got quite the dumping of water on her back.

Neither cat returned to the tub area last night.  I saw Bogie come into the bathroom early this morning.  She cautiously peered over the edge of the tub, then hovered on the tub edge, contemplating its safety.  She finally went in, and curled up in the dry bed, keeping a watchful eye on that spigot.

I giggle out loud every time I think about it.... and especially the way Tigger leered at me..... Biotch!!

Bogie and Tigger - from happier garden tub days

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