Saturday, September 14, 2013

Second, Second Chance - Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign - Donation Shoutout!

I need to break away from my "3rd Second Chance" testing updates today for a very special post.   One that is very close to my heart.

What I'd rather talk about is the exciting news we have for the My Heart Your Hands (MHYH)  + Second, Second Chance, Crowdfunding Campaign via Indiegogo.

If you thought that was a mouthful, get ready for another one!  Take a long deep breath...... And....

Second, Second Chance has released a documentary teaser/trailer this past Monday, September 2nd, via the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign in an effort to raise funding to produce a documentary piece stepping into the daily lives of cancer survivors living with the collateral damage of cancer therapies received months, years, even decades ago.

I have linked arms with My Heart Your Hands (MHYH) to join forces, bringing the plight of all cancer survivor late effect, side effects to the forefront.

The MHYH mission is three-fold:
1.  To raise awareness regarding the potential LATE EFFECTS of cancer treatment[s] among survivors, healthcare providers, and the general population
2.  To educate and equip survivors regarding late effects of cancer treatments
3.  To fund late effects research aimed towards early detection, effective management, and ultimately, prevention

In addition, MHYH will serve in support of the promotion of eye, tissue, and organ donation registration.

All of these things are exactly what I have been trying to do on my own.  I am very happy that I was able to find a well rounded organization that is fighting the fight too.  Stephanie Zimmerman, co-founder with Judy Bode, have become my personal friends and co-fighters, eager to make a positive difference for those walking the same steps we are.

The documentary video with donation link is at:

A "Press Release" has also been posted -
I ask each of you to watch the video, and imagine Judy's story being completed.   Excitingly, Judy's story is at this very moment evolving.  In the early morning hours immediately following the campaign and press release, Judy actually received the phone call.  The call that she had been waiting on for the past 3 1/2 years. There was a heart for her.  It's been a very long week for Judy's family and friends.  Judy is now living with a new beating heart.  She is making progress each day.  Her family celebrates, ever mindful that this new beating heart for Judy, has come from the caring family of someone who has lost their life to an unexpected and sudden death.  Judy and her family will be forever grateful for the decision made by her donor's family in the midst of their grief.

Stephanie Zimmerman, co-founder of MHYH, has had the same type of cancer therapy I had.  And at about the same time frame in the 80's.  Although we had different cancer types.  She had Ewings Sarcoma, and I had Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Judy also had Hodgkins as a child and had radiation therapy.  Stephanie and Judy developed heart issues, much the same as I have - Cardiomyopathy and mitral valve prolapse.  Steph needed, and received, a heart transplant 5  1/2 years ago.  And as you'll see in the video, she is beating strong!!   Stephanie has been my "wing woman" throughout my heart transplant evaluation testing.

Stephanie has been by Judy's side these past few days.  Driving over 700 miles to do so.

So, I ask you to please consider a donation to the Second, Second Chance Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.  It would honor me tremendously if you could.  Whether it be one dollar or a $100.  Each dollar gets us closer to full production of the documentary.  The benefit of a completed documentary will fulfill each of the 3 items listed in the MHYH Mission Statement.

There has also been a very recent @givcause interview with Stephanie.  It is a well spent 30 minutes to get to know the significance of the MHYH - Second, Second Chance platform.  You may watch it at this link -

Again, if you are able to make a donation, it would be much appreciated.  If you cannot, I completely understand.  It is tax deductible.  And if your company has a matching gift for donations to a non profit org, it could double your gift.

As always - thank you!

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