Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Now that I have completed my qualification heart transplant testing, I am in the wait “until I get sicker” mode. Its odd that I know I’ll “get sicker” with my heart damage.  So,I will focus on other important things.  Like laundry, bathroom remodel, my inside plants, loving on my 4-legged kids, watching the news all day, cleaning up dog poop in the yard.  And most importantly keeping in touch with friends and family. 

I took a two week trip home that was perfect.  Stayed with my sister (the central gathering place), visited with good friends and east coast family!  Weather was kind enough to take road trips from Fairfax, VA to Reading, PA to Lock Haven, PA where I got to see and hug my best friend from jr high thru high school and beyond, who I haven’t seen in years. The trees were not as colorful as I have seen years before.  But to me they were beautiful.  Now I will plan a trip to south TX to visit with my niece and family.

This is just some of my wonderful, fun, and loving family…… I love this picture!

I’m very fortunate in the way that I can still travel.  I need help getting from place to place though.  I take my travel wheel chair to get through the airports, and to use if we go anyplace that includes a lot of walking.  I can walk, just not at a pace most walk at, and only about 30 yards, at which time I must stop and rest.  Additionally, if I sit more than 20-30 minutes, I will have ‘a moment’ as I call it.  When I have ‘a moment’ I need to be within 2 steps of a chair, or I will fall down to the floor.  When I stand, my blood pressure drops to a level that is too low.  This truly bites.  When this happens at home, I’m usually ok.  When it happens elsewhere, like in a parking lot at the grocery store, it’s not as convenient.  Therefore, I stand with the car door open (so I can sit down) and pretend I’m looking at my phone messages, until it passes and I can walk across the lot.  Once I’m inside the store, I have to get a cart to push and lean on until I get back to the car.  Woo-hoo!

Now I am back to advocating for all cancer survivors.  I am a small voice in the big sea of cancer issues.  But, I am a voice joining many survivors and, together, we ROAR!  I am currently researching my other late-effect side-effect of cancer therapies, radiation toxicity.  So stay tuned for another blog full of my take on it.  It’s time to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Much love to my family, and friends, as always…..

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  1. Keep roaring, my friend, as long as you can. xoxo