Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3rd Second Chance - Chapter 1.6

This post is going to be the end of the Chapters 1.x relating to "3rd Second Chance".  And that is desirable and favorable in my case.

I received a call from my Heart Transplant RN Coordinator this afternoon.  She presented my case (history, recent test results, etc) to the Heart Transplant Selection Committee earlier today.  Their decision is  -  I am accepted into the Heart Transplant Program but not quite "bad enough" to be on the heart transplant list.  That is excellent news!

At this time, the right side of my heart is still in fairly good shape, and functioning within an acceptable index measurement.  All of the other tests I had last week showed good enough results to be accepted into the Heart Transplant Program.  I will still be a patient with the transplant team, and followed by them on a regular basis. In the in-between time, my regular cardiologist will be my primary source to control my meds and keep me stable.

It does not mean my cardiomyopathy went away.  This kind of disease only gets worse as time passes. The left side of my heart is functioning well below acceptable levels.  It does mean that I am currently stable enough on meds.  Once I can no longer be controlled with meds, I will be listed.

So, I have been accepted and not listed.  That's the best of all outcomes!

This closes a chapter in my 3rd Second Chance blog posts.  :)  WOOOOOOOOOT!!!


  1. Holy crap, Cindy! I can totally see that this is the best of both worlds, so to speak, but damnation, it's scary. Hope those meds keep working. xoxo, Kathi

  2. I can't really express just how good it was to received your call last evening to tell me the outcome of yesterday's committee meeting. Like you, I sought distraction yesterday so that I wouldn't walk through the possible scenarios.

    Can you say IKEA?!

    It a skewed, if not twisted take on things when we label yesterday's news as great news, yet in this circumstance, it is THE BEST news anyone could have hoped to hear.

    Sick, but not sick enough-->you continue on oral meds, live at home with family and friends, can still travel, and you don't need to be listed at this time.

    You WILL be listed when your heart function and cardiac indices decline and you NEED to be listed, but NOT one day sooner--> YOU'RE IN, DEEMED ELIGIBLE; YOU CLEARED A HUGE HURDLE TODAY: WOUZA!

    Rejoicing with you in my own skewed way.

  3. Thank you Kathi and Steph!! sick but not sick enough - Best of both worlds -
    it oddly is good news! I'll take it! :)