Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I am humbled and honored to be included as part of the - 28 Day of Heart - blog posts!!  One of the co-founders of myHeartyourHands had asked me to share my life's adventure in cancer treatment methods and the late effect side effects related to those treatments.  Please click the link to the myHeartyourHands latest blog post titled Collateral Damage: Secondary Cancer(s).
And while you are still on the website, read through all the other posts to learn more about this month's awareness for Heart Disease, and in particular, choose the About link to learn about incredible lives of the founders Steph and Judy.

myHeartyourHands Mission:
- To raise awareness regarding the potential LATE EFFECTS of cancer treatment[s] among survivors, healthcare providers, and the general population
- To promote eye, tissue, [and] organ donor registration
- To fund late effects research aimed towards early detection, effective management, and ultimately, prevention

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