Thursday, January 24, 2013


A friend of mine, Steph, who also blogs posted a question - "What's your reason to be brave?".  I thought about that and posted this comment:
Bravery – we are born with a natural instinct to survive. Fight or flight.
My own body’s poor physical behaviour constantly tests that instinct.
There have been many times when I wanted to choose flight.
Like wanting to jump off of that litter as it makes the turn into the brightly lit, frigid, sterile surgery room. Masked and gowned people busy preparing for your event. Or making the long walk down the hall to the infusion room. Where I know they will be pumping chemicals into my heart, that can as easily take my life, as well as save it.
Seriously….. What makes me buck up and be brave, is that same instinct we are born with. Survival. One life. Fight.
The friends and family I surround myself with are there every step I take. Whether they are close enough to hug, or a thousand miles away. Some I’ve never met face to face. All, without knowing it, feed my bravery. They all feed my instinct to survive. That’s how I stay brave.
Stay strong 

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