Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cardio Update

When my pace maker/defibrillator was implanted on 1/25/13, it was anticipated to have a positive effect on the overall performance of my heart.  In particular, an increase of the Ejection Fraction (EF) from 30% at time of implant, to 40% after 90 days.  

I completed a nuclear stress test and an echocardiogram in April, to test the anticipation of increased heart performance.

The nuclear stress test determines if any obvious blockages are found in the arteries in/around my heart.  The were none noted as needing attention.  Whew.... that's good!

The highest anticipation revolved around the echocardiogram.  This is the test that measures how efficiently my heart is pumping oxygen rich blood to vital organs. And this  is where the anticipation of measured ejection fraction % would increase to 40%.   But instead.... the EF dropped to 26%.  

That's not good.

Cardiologist said I'm stable.   Ummmmm no... Dropping in EF is quite scary, and I need to know what's next.  I asked prognosis.  He wouldn't say... He only reiterated that its good I'm stable.  WTF?  Additionally when I asked if I  should be evaluated by an oncology cardiologist he outwardly seemed offended.  

So.... What's next?  Second opinion and evaluation by an oncology cardiologist.  I want to be prepared for what I need going forward.  Since my ejection fraction (btw that term always sounds perverted me....jus' sayin')  has fallen by 9% since December, I want to know I covered all bases in treatment and am proactive.  I want to get ahead of whatever is next.

Holy hell.... If its not cancer chasing me down the street, it's the f'n late effect side effects of the chemo/rads I've had.  

When life is such that you don't feel like something is chasing you, and you're not constantly looking over your shoulder for what the fuck is next, its incredibly wonderful.  And I am sincerely happy that my kids and family are not having to do that! :)

I'm buying time, one step at a time.  And those steps must move forward. Here comes the fighter! 

Love to all!

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