Saturday, March 2, 2013

RockScarLove - Scars R Sexy

Hey y'all - I want to share the Rock Scar Love website for blogs, stories, products, and more!  "RockScar Love is inspiring passionate lives through clothing. We celebrate sexy scars, the lessons they teach us and the strength they create.".  Founder, Amy Tippins has accomplished much in her young life.  In 1993, she was the recipient of a liver transplant.  Since then, Amy has been committed to coaching others through transplant experiences and is a motivational speaker at support groups, conferences and fundraisers.     

As the co-creator of Scars R Sexy, she states that "Sexy is...empowerment".
"Sexy is...strength".  "Sexy is...loving yourself".  

Amy is a beautiful, sharing, compassionate, admirable, woman.

Go to and watch Amy's video.   Join the "ScarsRSexy" campaign, check out the Scars R Sexy products, and make your own video!  

RockScarLove just posted a video I made for them.... It's posted at

I showed you mine, now you showed me yours!


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